AGANLAND GATEWAY- First Ever AganLand Subdivision with Swimming Pool

AganLand Gateway General Santos City

    AganLand Gateway is one of the subdivisions that is developed by  AganLand Corporation and it is located on National Highway General Santos City. It is an accessible and ideal location for your lifestyle and needs since it is a nearby city subdivision. This has a license to sell no. 034096 and DHSUD Register no. 029182.

Aganland Katangawan is the most nearest Aganland subdivision  in UST- Gensan. Click here for more info.

Project Brief and Its Site Development Plan

        Total Land Area-                    73,311 sqm 
        Parks and Playgrounds-        3,666 sqm
        Community Facilities-                  73 sqm
        WTF-                                               127 sqm
        Saleable Area-                        44,152 sqm
        Road Networks-                     24,633 sqm

        Regular Lot Area-                  12m x 11.0m = 132 sqm
                                                          12m x 11.5m = 138 sqm

         No. of Saleable Lots-            291 Lots
         Density-                                  40.10 Lots/HA

AganLand Gateway Vicinity Map

Note: The updated map may change anytime without prior notice, and the right to correct any error(s) is reserved.

Subdivision Features

    AganLand Gateway has its following amazing subdivision features. 
    • Clubhouse with Swimming Pool
    • Communities Facilities (733 sqm)
    • Parks and PlayGround (3,666 sqm)
    • Concrete Sidewalk
    •  Entrance Gate with Guard House
    • Wide Concrete Road (12m main entrance, 10m main road, and 8m secondary road)
    • Concrete Curb and Gutters
    • GSC Water District Distribution System
    • SOCOTECO II- Electrical Power Supply
    • Waste Water Treatment Facilities (WTF)

House Features

    AganLand Gateway has its house fixed and durable design. Its astonishing features are the following:

         House Model:    Single Storey
         Lot Area: 132 sqm
         Floor Area: 83.5 sqm
    • Structure - Single Attached
    • Three Bedrooms
    • Two (2) Comfort Rooms Tiles (Master Bedroom CR and Common CR)
    • With Parking Area provision
    • Wall Interior - smooth finish with two coats of paint
    • Wall Exterior - smooth finish with two coats of paint
    • Panel Door (Main Door)
    • Floor - Granite Tiles
    • Flushed Concrete Window without a mullion, sliding glass windows in white coated aluminum frames.
    • Toilet - Flush Type water closet and lavatory with complete accessories
    • Kitchen Counter with Backsplash (tiles)
    • Water Lines - UCPVC Pipes and Fittings
    • Electrical Lines
    • 4mm thick durable roof


(Updated as of June 27, 2022)

     AganLand Gateway offers spot cash and Pag-Ibig Financing but if you opted for the latter. I will show you its details:

         Total Package Price:   P4,390,000.00
            Inclusive of:
      • Loan Processing
      • Pag-Ibig Processing/Appraisal Fee
      • MRI, Fire Insurances
      • Documentation and Notarial Fees
      • Mortgage Registration and Transfer of Titles
      • 12% of VAT
           Reservation Fee: P50,000
           Processing Fee: P140,000 payable up to 12 months or 13,334 per month with the issuance of Postdated Checks.
If you opt to choose PAG-IBIG Financing, this site has a summarized list of requirements.

     To be financed by PAG-IBIG: P 4,200,000

Loan Term

Monthly Amortization

Monthly Income

30 years



25 years



20 years



10 years



Other Additional Pricing

        Corner Lot Fee: P 80,000
        Excess Lot Fee: P18,000 per sqm

Note: The price may increase, and computations may change anytime without prior notice, and the right to correct any error(s) is reserved.


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