BRAINBOX Civil Service Exam Reviewer- Your Sure Way to Pass

Brainbox Civil Service Exam Reviewer

Brainbox Civil Service Exam Reviewer

     Brainbox Civil Service Reviewer is a book made by Brainbox Tutorial Center. A 300+ page book that explains every topic in a summarized but in a comprehensive way. A user-friendly book that is suitable for both professionals and students. The book consists of exam guidelines, topics per category that is modular type, practice test with answer sheets, answer keys with a detailed explanation, and references of information.

    I will share my views and experiences of using this book in this article in each ability type, namely, 

  • Verbal Ability
  • Analytical Ability
  • Clerical Ability
  • Numerical Ability
  • General Information
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Verbal Ability

    Verbal ability guides you to enhance your English Language Skills. It is a modular type and worksheets/exercises are multiple choices. Mostly, two-letter multiple choice. Some topics (i.e. synonyms, antonyms, paragraph organization, and etc.) have tips on how to determine their answers. It consists of:

    • Parts of Speech
    • Affixes
    • Punctuations
    • Correct Usage
    • Identifying Errors
    • Synonyms and Antonyms
    • Analogy
    •  Paragraph Organization
    • Reading Comprehension

Analytical Ability

    In this book, analytical ability helps the reviewee solve the problems in a logical way. It includes logical and critical reasoning, problem-solving, and cognitive reasoning. Each topic really explains how to attack those problems and how to determine the pattern behind those series or sequences.

Clerical Ability

    Clerical ability test your accuracy in spelling and alphabetizing a group of words.

Numerical Ability

    Numerical ability test your knowledge of mathematics. Most of the topics can be solved algebraically. The book also shows their techniques that are easy to remember in solving the operations or problems. It consists of the following: 

    • Multiple and Factor
    • Divisibility Rule
    • Integers
    • PEMDAS
    • Decimals
    • Fractions
    • Percent
    • Ratio and Proportion
    • Averages
    • Graphs
    • Linear Equations

General Information

    In the 2020 edition, General Information includes the 1987 Constitution and Republic Act No. 6713. Each topic has its exercises on it to test your knowledge of each piece of information.


Brainbox Civil Service Reviewer Answer Sheet
    After you have answered all, there will be a time-pressured exam that tests your examinership. The book also provides a sample answer sheet for the practice of shading. This book is very helpful to everyone who wants to take and pass the civil service exam. It does not reveal the actual questions but it helps you strengthen your foundation.

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