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Hawk-Research Freelance Writing Services

“Are you a professional or a student looking for extra income? Hawk-Research.com might you consider.”

What is Hawk-Research?

Hawk-Research is an academic site that provides you with extra income by assisting thousands of students around the globe. If you are an expert in a certain field (i.e business, arts, science, etc.) and looking for a side hustle, Hawk-Research is seeking an individual who they called an expert, that is self-organized, assiduous, and skilled in their chosen specialization. The hiring process is neither very easy nor difficult because there are evaluations and exams to be passed to become a part of the team.

I want to share my experience of finding this job, passing their test and evaluation, and how they would pay me. 

Disclaimer: The process of this company may change without prior notice of this article.

When I was building my account and seeking also a part-time job in the onlinejobs.ph, a job board for virtual workers in the Philippines, I saw a job post looking for a corporate and finance specialist. The said job post provided an email to contact them. I was interested in this job so I send my resume and credentials to it. A day passed, I received a reply from them instructing me to sign up for the site. Maybe, the HR personnel carefully evaluated my resume and credentials, that’s why it takes a day to receive their reply.

Signing Up and Hiring Process in Entering for Hawk-Research

I immediately went to the site and clicked “Register”. I provided all the applicable information and uploaded my resume. Then, I clicked “Create Profile”. I received an email verification and I clicked the link provided. It redirected me to the site again and put my email and password that I’d created in signing up for the site. I entered my dashboard and said that my status is in “Setting up account” and should evaluate by passing the test. The first test I took is the essay writing exam.

Essay Writing Exam in  Hawk-Research

In an Essay Writing Test, they provided two topics and I should pick one of them. It should be done within 90 minutes with 300 words (Minimum probably). In my case, “All about Microbiology” and “One Thing that Makes Modern Society Immoral” were the two topics, and I picked the latter. Before the essay exam started, they warned me not to plagiarize, otherwise, auto-failed. There was a timer running, and the criteria on my topic that should be followed were persuasive, showing empathy, and having rhetorical questions.

Ninety minutes were done. It redirected to my dashboard and notified me that the essay would be evaluated by Hawk-Research Team. I waited not less than three (3) days and message their official Facebook page about the status. Luckily, the team notified me that I passed the first test.

You can read my essay here: One Thing that Makes Modern Society immoral 

English Grammar Test and Subject Proficiency Test  Hawk-Research

The Second Test is English Grammar. I forgot the details of the exam but I assure you that it was neither very easy nor very difficult. I passed this exam.

The Third Test is the Subject Proficiency Test. The team provided all the subjects and I would pick all the subjects that are somehow related to my field. So, out of all the subjects I got, I chose two subjects that I would take. These were the subjects related to my field.

  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Communication
  • Auditing
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Asset and Liability Management
  • Business Law

Financial Accounting and Business Law are the two subjects I took. They would give you review material for the exam. The number of items was depending on the subject. In my case, Financial Accounting was five-multiple choice items while business law was 30 multiple-choice items. Each subject should be done within 90 minutes.

In my time, the financial accounting exam consisted of PFRS 16, Share Options, Shareholder’s Equity, Inventory, and Related Party Disclosure. Fortunately, I passed the exam.

However, Business Law consisted based in a foreign country. I was shocked because I did not know some of the terms indicated therein. Unfortunately, I failed the Business Law exam. But, the staff gave me a chance to retake another subject replacing Business Law. I chose Management Accounting.

Management Accounting consisted five-multiple choice items. The topics are variable costing and absorption costing. At last, I passed the management accounting exam.


Orientation of Hawk-Research

After passing all the exams, the team scheduled an orientation meeting for the policies, terms, and guides of the website. My account status was changed to “Active”.


Assigning Orders in Hawk-Research

My work for being an expert is on an order basis. The website will contact you via email, indicating the unique order name and the subject.

You shall read carefully the available order, especially the deadline, instructions, and the client’s payment before you click the “I'm interested!” button. Wait until the order is assigned to you and accepted by you. You can decline the order if you do not like the order’s terms. 

While doing your assigned orders, staff will guide and check your output if your output follows the order’s instructions and most of all, is not plagiarized. They have their plagiarize checker. I think they used Turnitin.


Take note: You should pass your output as early as indicated in the order’s deadline to avoid penalties and fines.


Payment of Hawk-Research

Since your fee is based on an order basis, you shall accumulate at least 30 dollars of your earnings before they gonna pay you. The website will pay twice a month based on your earnings. They have their own mode of payments but in my case, all my earnings are being transferred to my Gcash Wallet. As of the date of this article, I earned more or less 300 dollars in this part-time job.


For more information, you can contact their headquarters.

Website: https://hawk-research.com/

Email: support@hawk-research.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hawkresearch1

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hawk-research-freelance-writing-jobs/mycompany/

Closure of Hawk-Research

             January 2024 - The company does not take any orders anymore and be closed at the end of January 2024.

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