EOSIO, an open-source blockchain, released a series of training with certification that is supported by the Spanish Language. Access to those short courses has limited time and is free until the end of the year. Short courses include “Fundamentos del Blockchain”, “Introduccion a EOSIO- No Tecnico” etc.

More details can be found at: https://eos.io/

The said announcement aims to enhance blockchain skills that maximize career advancement and provide knowledge to everyone specifically in the country where Spanish is their language.

Expert says that 45.8% of Spaniards aged from 25 to 64 can hardly understand a foreign language and choose not to speak it. The size of the country which correlated to a low GDP is one of the reasons why the Spaniards have difficulty learning English.

EOSIO’s series of short courses discuss all topics related to blockchains that are interactive and easy to learn. Also, it gives an extensive knowledge of how the blockchain works in EOSIO. Every course has a topic outline by showing modules that guide learning systematically.

EOSIO also has limited-time access to short courses that are supported by the English language and the topics are more than the Spanish-supported language.

The short courses ensure the students understand the main functions of the blockchain concepts and how it becomes an advantage to the EOSIO platform compared to any other platform. Every topic has an assessment to escalate blockchain applications.

Businesses and developers worldwide seek EOSIO to generate secure, transparent, and futuristic digital infrastructures. Their sites also conduct webinars for their latest announcement and events, please visit  https://eos.io/events/.

A satisfied managerial client said “When I came across the EOSIO, I was fascinated by the fact that it was really a high-speed infrastructure, it allows anybody to build the applications that are scalable that were efficient”

Interested parties can find more information in the above URL.

Summary: EOSIO released free Spanish-supported language short courses about blockchain concepts that have limited-time access.   

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