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Real Excellence Online for CPA (REO CPA)

    When COVID-19 strikes the Philippines, most of the review centers suspended their face-to-face classes which lead to the postponement of examinations, especially CPALE. Review centers, reviewers, and aspiring CPA students are affected by the massive destruction of COVID-19.

    In the middle of the pandemic, a newly built review center founded by Sir Rex Banggawan give hope to CPA aspirants to reach their goals. A review center with a unique teaching style incorporated with new technology and updated software.

    Real Excellence Online for CPA (REO CPA) is an online review that is reasonably-priced, attainable to any device (Android, desktop, and etc), and very convenient.  It is a 9.5-month access application and website that you can watch anytime, anywhere.

    By enrolling in their affordable services, you can have access to all their services/features just in one app.

  • Pre-Recorded Lecture- a very detailed lecture came from a high-caliber review instructor.
  • Live Lecture- summary lecture of the lessons that include techniques, mnemonics, and diagrams to familiarize and enhance your concepts efficiently and effectively.
  • Drills/Quizzers- every lesson in pre-recorded lecture has its own drills/quizzers that literally apply your concepts from simple to analytic type of questions.
  • Monthly Assessment- every month, each subject has its limited-time monthly assessment. The assessment is neither simple nor difficult. Just enough to review your lessons. It aims to the students to their capability of answering the questions and motivates them to continue their review.
  • Preboards- It tests your speeds, accuracy, and application of skills/concepts.
After preboards and monthly assesments, each reviewers/instructors will explain the answers thoroughly and it will be recorded. The app also provide a printable handouts.

  • Psychological and Guidance Counselling Services- If you need guidance or psychological help, you can make an appointment with a licensed psychologist for counseling and advice.
  • Forum and Contacts- If you have a question and want to ask directly to your reviewer, there's a contact form. If you want an opinion for your colleagues, there's a forum that you can ask discreetly.
  • Calendar of Activities- You can check the schedule of the live reviews, live consultations and etc. in each reviewer.
  • Complete Set of Handouts- Both live lectures and prerecorded handouts will be shipped to your house. Those handouts shipped are very organized and summarized. The quality of the paper is thin (somewhat space-savvy) but not get easily rip out (somewhat durable).

Evaluation per Subject

Disclaimer: Instructors/Reviewers may change without prior notice

Management Advisory Services (MAS)

    In prerecorded, Prof. Rhad Vic Estoque's discussion is very enlightening because there are diagrams/flowchart that helps you understand clearly the lesson. He explains it very well by giving examples of a real-life problem of companies and discusses how it affects the organization, consumer, and economy as well.

    In a live lecture, Prof. Karim Arbitago's discussion summarized all the concepts and focus on a lesson that has a high probability to appear in CPALE.

Sample Video  (Relevant Costing)

Regulatory Framework and Business Transactions

    In prerecorded, Atty. Cesar Nikolai Soriano's handouts are very informative. The sequencing of each section is arranged conceptually with some diagrams and tables. There are illustrative problems but it has no answers. He explains very clearly with examples and points of emphasis. I encourage you to watch his videos for the illustrative answers as well.

    In a live lecture, Atty. Mae Diane Azores summarized all the topics and has some mnemonics so that reviewers can remember them easily since we all know that RFBT topics are purely theories.

Sample Video (Law of Contracts)

Auditing Theory (AT)

    In prerecorded, Prof. Raymund Escala's discussion narrates how the audit process goes. He explains clearly, and at the end of every lesson, it has motivational videos that force you to continue his lessons.

     In a live lecture, Prof. Mark Alyson Ngina summarized everything and shows all the references to it.

Sample Video (Basic Concept of Evidence and Audit Sampling)

Auditing Problems (AP)

    In both pre-recorded and live lectures, Prof. Darryll Asuncion is the master of audit problems because he knows how to attack those questions with understandable solutions. He also discusses the theory and audit procedures behind those problems.

Sample Video (Audit of Inventories)

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)

    In pre-recorded, Prof. Karim Arbitago discusses the scope, initial recognition, subsequent measurement, application, and disclosures of each every standard.

      With joint forces of Prof. Francis Caliwan Jr. and Prof. Vhinson Jay Garcia show you techniques and templates in how you solve the problems so that students can compute faster since, in actual boards, the majority of the items are problems.

Sample Video (Biological Assets)

Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting (AFAR)

    In pre-recorded, Prof. Mark Alyson Ngina elaborates on each procedure and concept in each topic esp. PFRS 15 since PFRS 15 affects mostly all the special accounting topics. He clearly explains all the concepts.

   In a live lecture, Prof. Robert Carl Arrojo gives problems and make some techniques/template of how to solve those problems.

Sample Video (Partnership Liquidation)


    Both prerecorded and a live lecture, Prof. Rex Banggawan clearly explains the tax laws. If there's an issue or different opinions, he shows evidence of how/why that principle works. After listening to his lecture, you are fully confident in taking tax on actual boards.

Sample Video (Fringe Benefit Taxation)


    Real Excellence Online is one of the most trusted online review centers that produce high-quality professionals. If you are undecided about what review centers you want to enroll in, you can consider REO.

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