National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (Housing Loan Programs)

National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation- Logo

    National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation is the pioneer in the development of the secondary home mortgage market.  Under Presidential Decree No. 1267 (December 21, 1977, Charted and Mandate), NHMFC develops and provides for a secondary home market, charged with the development of a system that will attract private institutional funds into long-term housing mortgages.

National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation - Functions

   Based on the illustration above, National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation links the Housing Sector and Capital Market. People mostly choose NHMFC compared to other agencies because of the following reasons;
    • Fixed Rates
    • Fast Processing Time
    • No Membership Required
    • High Loan to Value Ratio
    • No Pipeline Quota

1.  Location


      National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation is located on the 2nd Floor, RD South Sea Building, Corner Magsaysay Avenue, Corner Salazar St., Magsaysay Ave, General Santos City. The Qualified Originators in the said agency are the following:

    • Housing Developers
    • Micro Finance Institutions
    • Cooperatives
    • Rural or Thrift Banks
    • Private Corporations
    • Government Agencies
    • NGA Accredited Civic Organizations

2.  Housing Loan Receivables Purchase Program (HLRPP)

        NHMFC has its housing loan program and they called as NHMFC Housing Loan Receivables Purchase Program (HLRPP). The said program is a vehicle to implement the Securitization Program. Under HLRPP, NHMFC buys housing loan receivables with residential houses or condominiums originated by banks, developers,  LGU's, cooperatives, and other financial institutions.

        There are four HLRPP available, namely Home Program (HLRPP1),  Shelter (HLRPP2), Reverse Mortgage Program (HLRPP3), and Balai Berde (HLRPP4).

A. Home Program (HLRPP1)

NHMFC HLRPP1 Home Program

        PURCHASE OF ORIGINATED ECONOMIC/LOW-COST HOUSING RECEIVABLES OR HOME PROGRAM is a housing finance program that aims to purchase valid housing loans receivables originated by banks, housing developers, cooperatives, etc.

    I.     Types of loan

    • Contracts to Sell
      • If the account is up to 2,000,000, the hold-out rate is 7.5%.
      • If the account is over 2,000,000,  the hold-out rate is 10%.
    • Real Estate Mortgage

    II.    Terms and Interest

    • Up to 30 years
    • Maximum aged 70
    • Based on loan term and Originator's Criteria Rating (4.7%- 6.3%)    

7 Years

10 years

15 years

20 years

25 years

30 years







  III.    Loan Amount

    • Loan up to Php 3,000,000

    IV.    Loan to Value Ratio and Equity Requirement

    • 90% LTV
    • At least 10% Equity Requirement
    • With seasoning requirement of 6 mos to 12 mos



        SOCIALIZED HOUSING LOAN TAKE-OUT RECEIVABLES (SHeLTeR) PROGRAM aims to bridge the gap of the country's socialized housing backlog by offering a liquidity facility to low-income homebuyers.

    I.     Types of loan

    • Contracts to Sell
      • Hold-out rate is 6%.
    • Real Estate Mortgage

    II.    Terms and Interest

    • Up to 30 years
    • Maximum aged 70
    • 3% in the First 5 years and 5.5% in the succeeding years.   

5 years

Remaining Years



  III.    Loan Amount

    • Up to Php 580,000 for socialized subdivision projects
    • Up to Php 750,000 for socialized condominium projects

    IV.    Loan to Value Ratio and Equity Requirement

    • 100% LTV based on Socializing Housing Pricing
    • No Equity Requirement
    • No seasoning requirement


    MAGINHAWANG BUHAY SA BAHAY (MABUHAY) REVERSE MORTGAGE PROGRAM solely intended for Filipino Senior Citizens. MABUHAY offers a liquidity facility to all Filipino senior citizens using the equity they have built in their homes.

    I.    Loan Term

    • The loan term is based on the life expectancy minus the age of the borrower at the time of the application.
      • Male: 74 years old
      • Female: 81 years old

Loan Term = Expectancy Age

Interest Rate

Male - 74 years old

Female - 81 years old


    II.    Loanable  Amount

    • 60% of Property Value but shall not exceed 5 million.




        BUILDING ELIGIBLE RESILIENT DWELLING FOR EVERYONE OR BALAI BERDE PROGRAM is the first program of DHSUD that promotes sustainable housing development in safe and secure communities and advocates quality of life that contributes to the economy while preserving the environment.

    I.    Terms and Interest

    • Up to 30 years
    • Based on loan term and Originator's Criteria Rating (3%-6%)

5 to 15 years

16-25 years

26-30 years




    II.    Loanable  Amount

    • Purchase Price of Loan Receivables = Outstanding Principal Balance
      • Loan amount up to 100% of the Appraised Value not exceeding Php 3,000,000

3.  Conclusion

        Not only PAG-IBIG but there are also Government Agency that offers housing loan for everyone such as NHMFC. For more details, visit your nearest NHMFC.

Disclaimer: Those programs is still running but subject to changes without prior notice.  Visit their official website for more info. 

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