One Thing that Makes Modern Society Immoral

    "Philippines is the top 1 who spends its time on Pornhub." -GMA Network. How can a conservative country become more liberated?

    When the pandemic strikes the country, internet usage becomes massive, since people relied on their living online. Mostly, establishments are mandatorily closed because of the deadly virus. So what do the people do? To earn income, people do everything to please their clients -- their sexual desires.

    Some online jobs are good, but most are immoral. Why? Because of poverty. Salaries are not correlated with prices. Does salary increase if the prices are high? No, unless you are going to impress your employer and promote to a high position but an enormous responsibility awaits you. Quits!
    Department of Education states that even though the students are in their houses, learning continues so they implemented an online learning system by giving modules online that can help the students pursue their education. So are they going to educate own by themselves? Even the teachers are technologically challenged? What about the students who need guidance in educating themselves and become bored because they do not know what to do?

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    Teens who always use social media are prone to depression and that's a fact, which leads to suicidal attempts. They do that because of envy, misinformation, and cyberbullying. They believe in their views which are supported by many rich trolls and blinded by facts. Paid trolls attack social media platforms because of their target market. The more users they fooled, the more money comes into their hands

    When boredom strikes, minors browse social media and watch Youtube videos. Links here. Links there. Everyone is clicking. Phishing links. Scam links. Virus links. Links that steal personal information. Links that lead to adult videos. Minors can now see the immoral world of the internet. Parents do not know what their children do even though they are technologically challenged.
    The Internet is not bad but if it is misused, it becomes immoral. We, part of society, should know the dos and don'ts of it and should guide the young ones in using the internet. Government should do its job in decreasing the poverty rate of their nations because poverty is the root of all.

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