Things To Do While Waiting for the Result of Your Licensure or Board Exam

         I just want to congratulate you for being a fighter in taking the exam. The hardest time that a Board Exam Taker feels is WAITING TIME - Waiting for the results to come out. This is the duration when you should be kind to everyone, feel the harmony of nature, and avoid the negative vibes environment. That is why I listed some of the suggested things to do while waiting for your results.

    Stay Calm and Positive.

            Releasing your anxiety makes you calm. Forget all your answers to your board exam because it is already done and you did your best part. Appreciate things all around you, even the smallest things. Do not stress yourself. In that sense, it will give you happiness and positivity.

    Meditate and Pray

                Inhale! Exhale! Do some yoga (you can search for it online). Find a place to sit, breathe fresh air and thank the Almighty for His Creation. Thank Him for guiding you during the board exam. No matter the result. The Almighty has a reason for it.

    Clean your House

            In case you have an anxiety attack, regarding your exam experience, just deviate your attention by doing household chores, rearranging furniture and appliances, designing your room, and/or transforming your yard into full blooming flowers or healthy and leafy plants. Doing so will make your waiting time more productive. 

    Read Self-Help Books or Listen to Self-Help Podcasts

                John Maxwell, Paulo Coelho, and Robert Kiyosaki are some of the book authors for self-improvement. If you are not into reading, try listening to the podcasts of Joyce Pring, Wil Dasovich, and Alec Cuenca. They are podcasters for self-improvement. Listening and Reading about self-help information tells you how to deal with some situations that you may or may not encounter in your life. It helps you to become an improved version of yourself.

    Go to Wonderful Places

            Call up your friends, co-takers, or families to go somewhere like mountains, beaches, parks, or even shopping malls to relax your mind. Doing it will make you realize that you deserve to enjoy it after reviewing and focusing on your studies.  Be fun and Be Happy!


                There are many ways to kill waiting time by turning it into a fruitful one. Believe in yourself. No matter what the result is, you did your best.. If you passed the licensure exam, share your experiences with others and be humble. Otherwise, do not be disappointed too much, because there will be another exam to fight over again and again. Just try and try until you get your dream license


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